Lockdown 2020

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

And just like that we’re in the last month of 2020. I’m sure like most that gives me such relief.

It's difficult to look back at the last year and not instantly think of all the negatives in the world and personal struggles we have all had to face. Even the smallest things like adapting to wearing a mask in public and social distancing.

The main negatives for me is my husband finding himself out of work, although I am so grateful we have had all the support we need to get through. Lexi's missed out on socialising and mixing with other children near enough all year and of course missing seeing family as often as we did and having to adapt to being outside even when colder.

However, there have also been so many positives, more so than negatives.

My husband has started his own business as a car detailer in an eco friendly way, something he has always wanted to do, we have spent so much time as a family which you can't not appreciate, I have still worked through lockdown and although my job can be frustrating at the best of times I am truly grateful that I still have my job and also kept that routine each week. Lexi has come on so much which has been amazing to watch. At the start of the year she was seeing a speech therapist and now she's talking in sentences, I definitely think being forced to find new ways to entertain an active toddler has helped with that.

And I'm going to be honest, this social distance thing is actually the way forward...I love my personal space.

Now we are in the final month there's still so much to look forward to, Lexi's 3rd birthday, Christmas and then starting the new year with all our goals, hopes and intentions!

Will you be looking back on 2020 and thinking thank god that’s over or still grateful for your experiences?

Laura & Lexi xx

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