My 2021 intentions

Better late than never but Happy 2021, from a slightly new blog. Welcome to Mindful Mumma!!

I hope you are all doing well in what feels like our hundredth lockdown. I really feel 2021 will get so much better though.

I wanted to quickly share with you my 2021 intentions today. I've never really been one for resolutions, because quite honestly, I don't stick to them. I'm sure I've been meaning to lose some weight and get fitter for the last 5+ years. So this year I wanted to set some intentions rather than goals.

The reason I am going with intentions as opposed to goals is simple. Goals scare me. Goals usually have a deadline, a specific outcome. "I want to lose 3 stone in x amount of months" for example. For me this type of goal setting has not worked in the past, for that reason I want to change things up. Intentions to me, are small changes you can make daily/weekly/monthly to incorporate into your normal everyday life and I personally find the word intentions less scary and more manageable to deal with.

My Five Intentions

1. I want to make this blog a priority, I want to commit to post something new once a week, minimum. I have been doing a lot of research and work in the background so far this year, and from now will be aiming to share new posts, stories and adventures.

2. I want to continue working on letting go of any anxieties. I will be bringing you all on that journey, sharing any tips I find useful and finding new ways to help also.

3. I will continue my studies. I will be half way through my degree by June. Then come October I will enroll onto my next module and continue working towards getting my BSc Psychology.

4. Be honest with my feelings. This is a scary one for me, but if I'm not happy about something or I feel a certain way, I tend to keep it in. This year I want to be confident to talk about certain feelings and emotions, no matter the consequence. As long as it is always done with good intentions, only good can come from it.

5. Self-care. This is my big one. I am so good at taking care of everyone else but leaving myself without spare time or not allowing myself that time alone. I have started this already and feel so much better for it. Weekly bath with a candle and bath salts, meditate each day (even for 10 minutes), make sure I get plenty of fresh air and I am really going to focus on what I'm eating. I know what is not fueling me so I really need to focus on that.

And there we have it. My 5 intentions for 2021.

Do you set resolutions, goals or intentions? What do you hope for this year?

Laura & Lexi


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