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Self-care isn't all bubble baths.

When you ask someone for tips on what they include in a self-care routine, the usual answers (and definitely not wrong answers by any means), will be face masks, bubble baths and all that good stuff. Now I am a sucker for a bubble bath and face mask. It relaxes you, makes you feel good and can really help with a good night sleep. However, does that 30 minutes-1 hour of pampering really help in the long run when it comes to overall wellbeing and health.

It could be argued that it all depends on what you're looking to get out of self-care. For some it might be spending a couple of hours on a Sunday night to relax after a busy week and to rest up before the start of the next week. For others it might be a longer term goal to look after their full wellbeing, mental and physical health.

For me I jump between the two in some senses. I love nothing better than a bath filled with bath salts and petals or a bath bomb and a face mask to relax after a busy day. But at the same time I have worked certain things into my daily and weekly habits that I have found to have benefited me in more ways.

Self-care tips that I use every week

1. Drink water first thing in the morning.

2. Write/say 3 things to be grateful for (I will have a post going into more detail about this later this week).

3. Meditate

10 minutes a day if that's all you have. There are so so many amazing guided meditations on YouTube to follow as well.

4. Exercise

This doesn't need to be a full on gym session. Walk, cycle, run, lift weights, kick a ball around the park, dance, which leads on nicely to my next one.

5. Kitchen dance parties

Since lockdown there has been nothing better that we like to do than playing our favourite playlist and dancing around the kitchen. Lexi has to wear her Minnie dress for this. She will not allow any music to be played until she is dressed for the occasion.

6. Eat well

This is a working progress for me. I eat fairly well and every meal is home cooked, I'm just a sugar fiend. I'm trying desperately to make better choices as it is not making me feel great eating all the sugar I do.

7. Read and learn

This is probably the biggest thing that has shifted my mindset massively in the last year and a bit. I have joined many Facebook groups, followed Instagram profiles that share their wisdom and knowledge. This has varied to law of attraction, self-healing, lunar cycles, meditation, positive quotes. There is so much out there and if spirituality isn’t for you then read and learn about a topic you’re passionate about or enjoy as a hobby.

8. Take time to enjoy nature

When you are out on your walk, take in your surroundings, listen to the birds/wildlife.

9. Connect with people

Obviously at the moment its extremely tough as we can’t see families and friends, text that person you’re thinking about, phone your mum for a chat, facetime, zoom. However, you can stay connected with people. (But only the people you want to stay connected with).

10. Have that bubble bath and face mask pamper. It does make you feel special.

I would love to hear what you enjoy in your self-care routines. Leave a comment below as it could be something we could all learn from.

Thanks again

Laura & Lexi


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