This is me...

I thought I should start my blog with a little post about me. In the least egotistical way, as that is definitely not what I'm about.

Now I don't want to bore you all with my life story, so I'm going to share a few things that relate to why I am here today and the reason I wanted to start this blog.

I am Laura, mum to Lexi Winter who will be 3 this December. We live in not so sunny Scotland and I work part time in a contact centre, studying a Psychology degree through the Open University and on the side sell books as an independent Usborne organiser. So yes I am always busy and yes I am always tired, haha, but I LOVE it!


As a child I was shy, like I'm talking cried whenever I saw a man, didn't want to play without my mum being there, cried a lot when being dropped off at nursery and then primary school, so socially awkward when having to speak in front of the class or to other adults shy. On top of being painfully shy, I was TERRIFIED of everything! New people, trying new things like swimming or cycling, going to other kids birthday parties, clowns, people dressed up (the main reason I can't be mad my parents never took us to Disneyworld haha). Even now writing this list I have no idea how my mum coped and they are the main points I remember, there's still so many more things I could go on and on about.

There is a plus side to all this, with my mums amazing positive attitude, some not so fun years through high school and learning to accept who I am and grow as myself, I am a whole different person today. Still pretty awkward, sometimes socially anxious and still won't go on rollercoasters (ok, maybe I'm not a WHOLE different person, we'll go with 3/4 different haha) but I have a child, I actually look after a tiny human, I go to work and talk to hundreds of people a week, I have difficult conversation with people, I study and I'm starting this blog. So that's pretty new, right?

So, the main point I'm making is when you think of me as a child....

and then see how Lexi is, I honestly don't know how it happened, but she is sociable, will give anything a try (sometimes with a little encouragement of course) and most of all pushes me to try new things. Now I do not want Lexi to lose who she is. I want to work on my own anxieties to make sure she is confident, ambitious and takes on the whole world and more. So that's where the spirituality world comes in.

Now I will do many a post about spirituality, having a positive mindset and outlook on life is the main reason I am here writing this. Raising Lexi to be positive, mindful, confident, kind and live the life she dreams of is my number one ambition in life. So if you are interested in following mine and Lexi's mindfulness journey, where we share tips and ideas on bringing spirituality and mindfulness to the crazy world of parenting then we would love to have you come along.

Laura and Lexi. x

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